Transition Partnership Program

The Transition Partnership Program (TPP) is a statewide vocational education and work placement program.  TPP provides secondary and post-secondary students with disabilities, the tools and support necessary to effectively transition from school to competitive employment.  TPP contacts are located throughout the state of California in local high schools and community colleges, however not all school districts or community colleges have a TPP Program.

The TPP provides enhanced vocational rehabilitation services for at least one year prior to the student leaving high school and up to two years post graduation.  Services include training and school classes or programs to enable students to obtain employment.  This may include community based instruction, vocational and work-site training, job placement, work incentive wages and follow-up services.

Who is eligible?

The student must be receiving special services, have an active IEP and is currently a junior or senior in high school.

Persons who are enrolled in a secondary school and who meet the Department of Rehabilitation requirements may be eligible.  Interested students must complete a California Department of Rehabilitation application and qualify for their services before registering for TPP. See the Department of Rehabilitation website for more specific information on eligibility requirements.

Interested applicants must be referred by school staff. For self-referral’s contact the WorkAbility program representative at your high school.

The following documents are needed for interested applicants to complete the enrollment process:

• Social Security Card
• Identification card/ drivers license or a birth certificate
• Psychological Educational Assessments and an IEP


Additional Contacts:

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